Accellion Incident 2021

Video Replay of IT-Hosted Q & A Session

IT hosted "Protecting Yourself After the UC Incident - A Q&A Session for the Laboratory" on Friday, May 7. You can view this replay, including chat, here:

Topic: Protecting Yourself After the UC Incident - A Q&A Session for the Laboratory

Start Time : May 7, 2021 12:04 PM

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Lab Messages

Addressing your questions about the Accellion Incident

Q1: I'm worried and want to take action, what resources are available to me?

In response to the Accellion breach, UC Berkeley did an Identity Theft Protection Town Hall and published guidance which we think would be helpful to follow. You can watch the town hall video and access the slide deck below:

Town Hall:

Slide Deck:

Q2: I signed up for an Experian account and learned that my SSN has been leaked on the dark web. Can you confirm that this is the case and let me know what other information has been leaked?

We're sorry to hear that your information was part of the Accellion breach. At this time we are unable to confirm information provided to you by Experian. The incident is under active investigation and the University of California has not catalogued the full extent of the breach. We will provide further recommendation and communications as the UC investigation proceeds.

Q3: Is UC investigating extending the Experian credit monitoring beyond 1 year?

This issue has been raised by LBL and other campuses to UC and UC is considering how to proceed. We will provide updates if and when changes are made.

Q4: I am unable to set up an Experian account because I don't have an established credit history and/or social security number in the United States.

We do not have additional insight into this. Along with other UC locations, we have relayed these and similar concerns to UC.

Q5: Given one of the common concerns after a data breach is unauthorized account access, does LBL have a recommended password management tools so I can use strong unique passwords on each website?

The Lab recommends and has a license for LastPass, an enterprise class password manager which entitles you to a free download. You can learn more about LastPass at

Q6: I haven't set up my Experian account for Identity Theft Monitoring yet. Do you know how long it will take to set up?

It should take around 30 minutes to set up your account with Experian for Identity Theft Monitoring.

Q7: What is the difference between a Credit Freeze and a Fraud Alert? Which one is right for me?

“Credit Freeze” is a tool that you can use to prevent unauthorized individuals from taking out a loan or credit card in your name. It “freezes” access to your credit report, which lenders require before issuing funds. A "Credit Freeze" does not impact your credit score but it may impact your ability to take out a loan

A “Fraud Alert” ensures that banks, credit card companies and other lenders notify you and confirm your identity before issuing credit or loans. A "Fraud Alert" does not impact your credit score

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